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Outsourced Accounting Service

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We want to care

Why handle paperwork? Leave the matters under the care of professionals.

Why use outsourced accounting services?

Avoid errors in your books or incurring late filing fees

Save hours spent on paperwork

Business owners spent countless hours every month or year rushing through bills and receipts on last minute before filing deadline.

Better Clarity of your Books

Many business owners are not accounting trained and not able to ensure quality work from staffs in this area. Under the care of qualified accountants ensure proper allocation of transactions and help paint a clearer picture of the company's financial position.

Be confident for scrutiny by 3rd party

There will come a time when you need to show financial statement to third-parties or statutory body for various reasons.

Be confident of your numbers when the time comes.

Accounting is much more than just for statutory purposes

Business owners feel that accounting is not important as they are involved in their business and they can estimate their numbers. 

But here are the important benefits that you are missing out on without proper accounting.

1.  Help to compete and plan for your business

With accurate financial information, your business is able to derive the sales price of your products/services confidently.

The information also enables your business to react promptly to price competition by identifying opportunities to minimise costs so as to stay competitive.

A proper workout from accounting to budget will help the owner set realistic targets for the business and anticipate the impact more clearly.

2. Help to pay liabilities (eg creditors, employees)

This is especially important for small business with limited funds or for growing businesses
with more liabilities to handle. 

Without cashflow planning derived from the updated accounts, your business may run into liquidity problems and affect creditors’ trust or even interrupt your supply due to late payment.

This can be detrimental for your business.

3. Makes it easier to raise capital, get loan or sell the business

With accounts and cash flow plan in place, your business is able to know clear when should your raise funding and how much you need.

Getting loans or capital will require presentation of financial statement for the assessment and some may require forecast of your financial position.

This will give you a better chance for your business to get approval for loans application or capital injection with more favourable terms. 

4. Enable tax planning and meet the statutory requirements

Some business prepares their accounts only after the financial year for tax obligations. 

These businesses who prepare late may have no clear idea of the tax payable amount and by then, it will be too late to plan your expenses or capital investments for tax reduction or exemption purposes.

Also, there is great complexity in meeting the statutory requirements. 

In Singapore, companies must prepare accounts that are in compliance to Accounting Standard. 

In GST, an updated account will ensure your business pay the GST amount correctly to avoid penalties for paying late and meet the obligations to register for GST. 

Failure to register for GST in time will result in additional liabilities due to penalties, late payment interests and GST amount
supposed to pay the tax authority computed from the expected date to register.

5. Makes it easier to distribute profits to shareholders as dividends or for partnerships with profit sharing.

With updated accounts, businesses are able to confidently ascertain the amount of money to
distribute as dividends to the shareholders or profit sharing with partners and at the same
time ensure adequate cash flow is available to run the business.

Reliable Outsourced Accounting Service Package

Requirements of our services can be due to :
Prepare full sets of accounts for compliance to statutory requirement (eg GST reporting to IRAS, closing of accounts for fiscal year)
Perform check on accounts prepared by company's internal staff
To engage on periodic basis for management reporting
For third party usage such as potential investor, loan application
Clearance of backlog or to construct accounts with incomplete records
Prepare financial statement in XBRL format as required by ACRA
"FMD and their team have never failed to meet statutory deadline in carrying out work for our company. They are prompt and knowledgeable"
Ezyhealth Holdings Pte Ltd
Josephine Wong, Finance Manager

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Fee Structure

Book a non obligatory consultation

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Less than 50 transactions
51 to 100 transactions
101 to 150 transactions
151-200 transactions

Frequently asked questions for our Outsourced Accounting Service

Do I really need it?

What are the roles and responsibilities of company secretary?

For private limited company, the company secretary is responsible for the administration of a
company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with the requirements of Singapore
Companies Act.

Their responsibility can vary and this depend on the terms in the engagement letter.

1. Maintenance of statutory register and minutes book

To update electronically with the Registrar for the register of directors, auditor, company
secretary and CEO. 

The other register in allotment of shares, charges as well as board and
general meeting resolutions will be maintained by the company secretary.

2. Update information with the Registrar

To update electronically with the Registrar for changes other than those mentioned under (1),
such as changes in shares structure, name, constitution, charges and filing of annual return.

3. Board and general meetings

To ensure the notice are send and meetings are held according to the company’s
constitution/companies act. 

This include distribution of agenda and relevant documents such
as financial statement before meeting. During physical meeting, to take attendance, minutes
and finalised with the resolutions passed for directors or chairman to sign.

Some company may allow passing of resolutions by circulation and the company secretary
prepares the resolutions and its relevant documents, administers the circulation and signing of
resolution before it is recorded in the minute’s book.

4. And much more

Such as to remind Directors on filing deadlines, safekeep and administer the usage of
company seal if there is seal used by the company, issuance of share certificates

Why choose our corporate secretarial services over our competitor's service?

We have over 20 years of experience in Singapore directorship laws and we stay updated on the latest regulations and change. You will be getting the best corporate secretary service in Singapore.

Why outsource to an external corporate secretary?

Outsourcing to a corporate secretary service provider like us can allow you more time to focus on your business instead of handling administrative work.

Do you further outsource to other corporate secretary providers?

No, we do not employ any corporate secretary providers other than ourselves. We have a team of experienced corporate secretary which handle ACRA matters on a daily basis.

What do you mean by "Corporate Secretary Service"?

Every company is required to appoint a corporate secretary, however the requirements are strict and thus most businesses prefer to outsource it to other companies with experience handling those matters, hence a corporate secretary service.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, our pricing is very transparent, you pay what you see for our services. However additional resolutions may incur different charges as it is separate from our service package.

Q: What is a Filing Agent?
A: A filing agent is a business entity that carries out on behalf of any other person (eg clients) any
transaction with the Registrar using the electronic transaction system or via any other means allowed
by the Registrar. The filing agent must be registered with ACRA after fulfilment of requirements.

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