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Contact Us
Choose a credible and established accounting partner

Our customers pick us over our remarkable track record


Happy Clients

We have experience through different accounting situations

Accounting years

We have gone through many accounting years together with our clients

Qualified Accountants

We have a dedicated team of well-trained accountants


We have helped to set up more than 1000 companies in Singapore over the last 10 years.
Awards & Accreditations

We are well-recognised in the Singapore's business landscape

20 years of membership 
Member of a trusted, global network with over 1.8million members.
OCBC Gold/Valued 
Partner's Award
Top 15 
E-filing Tax Agents
ACRA Approved 
Registered Filing Agent

99.6% Satisfaction rate for all our services

In our latest survey conduct in 2019, we are glad to receive the following positive reviews 
from 500 surveyed clients for our services.

loved our expertise

We are able to deliver

said we are very timely

We deliver our services on time

said we are friendly

It's important to have an accountant you can communicate with ease

Our Business Services

Our expertise allows us to provide a wide breadth of services to service our customers 
throughout the different stages of their business.

Pick an accounting partner who is sincere to build a long term relationship with your company

Starting a company in Singapore

Running your company

Outsourced Accounting Service

We are your outsourced accounting department, we do the papers you do the business
We received glowing testimonials from our esteemed clients
  • Hydro Dynamic Engineering Pte Ltd

    IRAS and ACRA are two regulatory agencies that no company can afford to neglect. Every year we have FMD to remind and guide us on the statutory requirements and compliance.

    Patrick Tan


  • The Makeover Inc Pte Ltd

    We have started the business relationship with FMD since 20 years ago. 

    Our confidence over the years has been built by the trustable team. Being professional, friendly and prompt in service, the team is able to make happy client like us.

    Brenda Goh


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Frequently asked questions about our service

Do I really need it?
How does it work?
Q: Why choose our accounting services over our accounting competitors?
A: We have over 20 years of experience in Singapore Tax laws and we understand the local climate very well. Thus you can rest assured that you are getting the best outsourced accounting service in singapore

Q: Why outsource my accounting?
A: An Outsourced accounting department is beneficial because it helps small business focus on what is most important, growing your business. Leave your accounting matters to us and we will make sure you get past each accounting period without facing a fine.

Q: Do you further outsource your accounting?

A: No, we do not employ any outsourced accounting service other than ourselves. We have a team of freelance accountants as well as in-house accountants that are well-train to do accounting a variety of clients, from Singapore SMEs and Multi national corporations. We understand the nature of each business and how it should be handled in Singapore

Q: What do you mean by "Outsourced Accounting"?

A: It is no different than ordinary accounting services. The term "Outsourced" simply means we handle the accounting deparment fully, think of us as your outsourced accounting department.

Q: How are you better compared to accounting softwares in singapore?

A: Accounting softwares are not enough because you will still need an accountant who understands how to do the balance sheets, how to optimise your accounts for the best tax relief, there are many different reasons you should hire at outsourced accountant. Doing it in-house just to save a penny can cost your business more in the long run if your books are not well done.

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FMD group started in 1999 with the goal to provide quality service at fair price to assist SMEs in their journey towards success
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